• <span>Trial </span><span>report</span>
    Trial report

    Figures and statistics

    In order to be truly objective about how many more kilos you can now achieve, we have allowed an independent bureau to test the Tomahaok.

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  • More <span>kilos </span><span>per metre</span>
    More kilos per metre

    * 1% less light removal

    * less truss breakage

    * variable suspension

    * heads are at the same height

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  • The <span>Tomahaok </span><span>system</span>
    The Tomahaok system

    Simple and quick

    View the benefits of the tomahaok.
    Proven increase in kilos per metre!

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Welcome to the Tomahaok site

After many years of development and testing the patented Tomahaôk has evolved to become what it is today. Not only are the benefits of this hook unique, its design is certainly very innovative. It is a tomato hook which definitely belongs in the twenty-first century. The Tomahaôk is manufactured from very high quality plastic called polycarbonate. This means that the hook lasts from 5 to 6 years and due to its translucency there is less light removal in the nursery.

The winding method used for production is  unique in tomato cultivation. Due to this method of winding it is possible to put many metres of twine onto one small reel. As a result twine can be wound for 1 or for several years. (10 to 30 metre+)

Bio-degradable twine is also an option.

There is further information on the site.

Winner of the Tomahaok "occupational health and safety solution" award 2002.